ASFN Fishing has embarked on compiling comprehensive & practical fishing academies that will ensure a solid foundation to fast track your knowledge,  experience and results.

These Academies were developed over 16 years and with a pool of our Ambassadors, contributing  different perspectives and experience to form a fundamental and most effective array of information now  available to all.

The Academies are available in 4 day Master classes and a 1 day Academy in 3 respective facets; Shore Angler, Off Shore Angler & Drone angler.


ASFN FISH247 is the no nonsense, no politics 24/7 fishing series you can fish in your own time and win prizes, earn achievement awards and just have fun.

Out of this pool of anglers we will also identify future ASFN Ambassadors.

Additional benefits, discounts and opportunities forms part of ASFN FISH247.