• Join to Fish ASFN FISH247 Series
  • Prize pool starts at R 100k p/a and will grow based on participants
  • Monthly and Yearly Prizes
  • Full Access to ASFN FISH247
  • ASFN FISH247 Measure Band
  • Be in line to qualify and become an ASFN Ambassador
  • 20% Discount on ASFN Academy, Clothing, Products & Charters
  • Exclusive Monthly News, Material & Information
  • Achievement Rewards / Badges for Species & Records
  • VIP at annual ASFN Events
  • Qualify for "Fish with ASFN" draws
  • Enter as many catches as you want (only biggest of each species will count)
  • Part of ASFN FISHcom Conservation Initiatives

An % of all monthly fees goes to ASFN FISHcom Conservation 


ASFN FISH247 is the no nonsense, no politics 24/7 fishing series you can fish in your own time and win prizes, earn achievement awards and just have fun.
Out of this pool of angler we will also identify future ASFN Ambassadors.
Additional benefits, discounts and opportunities forms part of ASFN FISH247.
Joining Fee R 340.00 and Monthly R 245.00


1 February to 31 January - Annual Winners announced on the 15th of February
1st to the end of every month - Winners announced on the 15th of the following month.


To request a manual booking form, mail us at:


ASFN FISH247 Information & Structure

How does it work?

1. Join ASFN FISH247 and receive the official "measure band" as well as Species list and Series manual.
2. Start fishing and measure your catch with supplied "measure band", take 2 different photos and 1 video clearly displaying the fish on the matt/tape: 
      - 1st Photo - complete length of fish on matt/tape (45 degree angle from above
      - 2nd Photo - complete length of fish with you sitting with it (landscape)
      - Video - starting at the nose video and move all the way down the length to the tail at a 45 degree angle from above
3. Take a witness's details which need to be supplied with your catch.
4. Capture your catch on the ASFN website with all details required, photo & video (
5. Catch will be verified and become official.
 - Biggest percentage point every month wins (any species on list)!!
 - Only your longest of each species will count.
 - Your 10 highest percentage points will be combined and count for the annual grand prize.
Standings, catches and winners will be published on the ASFN website and winners will also be announced on the ASFN Fishing YouTube channel.

What is the "Percentage Point"?

In the "Species List" you will receive, there are a "Target Length" next to each species. Your measurement divided by this "Target Length" supplied gives you the "Percentage Point"
Example: "Target Length" = 100cm, Your catch = 80cm so your "Percentage Point" = 80
Your measurement was 125cm on a 100cm "Target Length" your point will be 125 an so forth... 

NOTE: Only your biggest of each species will count! You can thus keep on trying to better a specific species.


What methods may I use?

Shore based casting & sliding, droning, kites, bait boats, paddle ski, jet ski, small crafts, boats.
Rod & reel with bait or lures.

What is the "Species List?"

This is the list of over a 150 species, you will receive that will count toward your points. (Available to view further down on this page)
Several International species are already on the list and several might be added over time.
ASFN may add to this list from time to time, but species will only be removed if they become protected species and may not be targeted.
Note: Some species are excluded because targeting them is prohibited.

Catch Submission

To submit your catches works as follows:
1. 1st Photo at 45 degrees of the whole fish right next to the supplied measure band clearly visible.
2. 2nd Photo a landscape with whole fish, measure band, and you in the photo.
3.Video of fish & measure band, filming from the head all the way to the tail and measurement band clearly visible.
4. You have to have a witness, and their details need to be entered with your submission for verification.
5. Your personal details on every catch.

The "Submit Catch" button will be added from 1 February 2021 on this website.


Monthly Best Catch - Starting at R 5000
Every month the highest percentage point wins a minimum of R 5000

Annual Top Angler Starting at R 40 000
Over the year, your 10 best (different) species percentage points will be added together and the best angler will win a minimum of R 40 000

Master Angler
Every year the master angler will be the angler with the most total points combining all the species they caught - prize will be confirmed.

Achievement Awards & Recognition
Badges will be awarded when reaching 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90 species, and exclusive jackets with shirts at 50 & 100 species.
Certificates will be awarded for records and special achievements.

Additional Prizes
Additional prizes, for example: Species specific, will be announced on adhoc basis to all ASFN FISH247 Members, some might be monthly and some might be annual.

All Achievements, Rankings, Winners & Awards will be published on the ASFN Social Media Platforms, YouTube Channel & Website.

Where will the Catches & Results be featured?

Catches & results will; be featured on this website, ASFN Facebook & the ASFN YouTube channel.

Ambassador Selection

When joining, please indicate if this is a interest by mailing
- Credit will be given for releasing fish.
- Your accumulated points and species will assist most in the qualifying process.
- Nominations & votes by fellow members and anglers will also be taken in account.
- You may at anytime send us videos of bait demos, fishing videos, news or general tips & tricks that may assist the process, send to:
- Once qualified (criteria will be supplied) you will be required to complete a questionnaire, followed by a online induction. Thereafter we will contact you to setup a meeting.

ASFN AMBASSADORS may fish FISH247 and rank, but will NOT be eligible for any of the cash prizes.

NOTE: ASFN Ambassadors are not just selected on fishing ability, but also character, ethics, model angler as a example to others, willingness to share information and see the sport grow, to name a few.




1 Amber Jack Seriola dumerili 160 cm
2 Baardman Umbrina robinsoni 100 cm
3 Barracuda Greater Sphyraena barracuda 160 cm
4 Barracuda Pickhandle Sphyraena jello 140 cm
5 Barramundi Lates calcarifer  150 cm
6 Bludger Carangoides gymnostethus 90 cm
7 Bonefish Albula vulpes 70 cm
8 Bonito Atlantic Sarda sarda 88 cm
9 Bonito Pacific Sarda lineolata 88 cm
10 Bream Bronze / Copper Pachymetopon grande 57 cm
11 Bream Stone Neoscorpis lithophilus 51 cm
12 Chub - Any Kyphosus sectatrix 75 cm
13 Cobia / Prodical Son Rachycentron canadum 200 cm
14 Concertina Fish Drepane longimana 50 cm
15 Dorado (Mahi Mahi) Coryphaena hippurus 150 cm
16 Dorado Golden Salminus brasiliensis 120 cm
17 Emperor Blue Lethrinus nebulosus 80 cm
18 Englishman - Any Chrysoblephus anglicus 90 cm
19 Flathead Bartailed Platycephalus indicus 55 cm
20 Flathead Dusky Platycephalus fuscus 125 cm
21 Flounder - Any   90 cm
22 Galjoen Dichistius capensis 64 cm
23 Galjoen Banded Dichistius multifasciatus 40 cm
24 Garrick Lichia amia 145 cm
25 Goatfish Parupeneus barberinus 55 cm
26 Grunter Cock Pomadasys multimaculatus 62 cm
27 Grunter Spotted Pomadasys commersonnii 82 cm
28 Guitarfish Bowmouth Rhina ancylostoma 276 cm
29 Guitarfish Giant Rhynchobatus djiddensis 276 cm
30 Guitarfish Lesser Rhinobatos annulatus 128 cm
31 Hake Merluccius merluccius 100 cm
32 Hogfish Lachnolaimus maximus 90 cm
33 Hottentot Cape Pachymetopon blochii 54 cm
34 Indian Mirror Fish Alectis indica 160 cm
35 Jobfish Green Aprion virescens 110 cm
36 Jobfish Rosy Pristipomoides filamentosus 100 cm
37 Jobfish Rusty (Smalltooth) Aphareus rutilans 80 cm
38 John Dory Zenopsis conchifera 90 cm
39 Kingfish Bigeye (Trevally) Caranx sexfasciatus  120 cm
40 Kingfish Blacktip (Trevally) Caranx heberi 100 cm
41 Kingfish Bluefin (Trevally) Caranx melampygus 118 cm
42 Kingfish Brassy (Trevally) Caranx papuensis 85 cm
43 Kingfish Bumpnose (Trevally) Carangoides hedlandensis 34 cm
44 Kingfish Crevalle Jack Caranx hippos 105 cm
45 Kingfish Giant (Trevally) Caranx ignobilis 165 cm
46 Kingfish Golden (Trevally) Gnathanodon speciosus 116 cm
47 Kingfish Longnose (Trevally) Carangoides chrysophrys 70 cm
48 Kingfish Malabar (Trevally) Carangoides malabaricus 60 cm
49 Kingfish Yellowspot   (Trevally) Carangoides fulvoguttatus 120 cm
50 Kob Dusky / Mulloway Argyrosomus japonicus 195 cm
51 Kob Silver Argyrosomus inodorus 195 cm
52 Lantern Fish (Cave Bass) Dinoperca petersi 65 cm
53 Lemon Fish Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus 60 cm
54 Mackerel King / Spanish (Couta) Scomberomorus commerson 175 cm
55 Mackerel Queen (Natal Snoek) Scomberomorus plurilineatus 110 cm
56 Mackerel Shark Grammatorcynus bicarinatus 110 cm
57 Mackerel Spotted Scomberomorus munroi 100 cm
58 Marlin Black Istiompax indica 450 cm
59 Marlin Blue Makaira nigricans 450 cm
60 Marlin Striped Kajikia audax 400 cm
61 Marlin White Kajikia albida 250 cm
62 Milkfish Chanos chanos 125 cm
63 Musselcracker Black (Poenskop) Cymatoceps nasutus 110 cm
64 Musselcracker White (Brusher) Sparodon durbanensis 110 cm
65 Parrot Fish Blue barred Scarus ghobban 45 cm
66 Perch River (River Bream) Acanthopagrus berda 55 cm
67 Permit Trachinotus falcatus 120 cm
68 Pompano (Southern) Trachinotus africanus 94 cm
69 Pompano Florida Trachinotus carolinus 66 cm
70 Pompano Largespot (Dart) Trachinotus botla 65 cm
71 Pompano Snubnose Scomber falcatus 120 cm
72 Queenfish Needlescale Scomberoides tol 60 cm
73 Queenfish Talang Scomberoides commersonnianus 110 cm
74 Rainbow Runner Elagatis bipinnulata 130 cm
75 Remora Remora remora 85 cm
76 Rockod (Grouper) Brownspotted Epinephelus chlorostigma 80 cm
77 Rockod (Grouper) Coral Cephalopholis miniata 50 cm
78 Rockod (Grouper) Malabar Epinephelus malabaricus 220 cm
79 Rockod (Grouper) Tomato Cephalopholis sonnerati 55 cm
80 Rockod (Grouper) White Edged Epinephelus albomarginatus 100 cm
81 Rockod (Grouper) Yellowbelly Epinephelus marginatus 120 cm
82 Rockod (Grouper)Brown   Marbeled Epinephelus fuscoguttatus 90 cm
83 Rockod Catface Epinephelus andersoni 85 cm
84 Roman Red Chrysoblephus laticeps 50 cm
85 Rooster Fish Nematistius pectoralis 160 cm
86 Rubberlip / Sweetlips - Any Plectorhinchus 100 cm
87 Sailfish - All   320 cm
88 Salmon AU (Arripis) Centropristes georgianus 96 cm
89 Salmon Cape (Geelbek) Atractoscion aequidens 130 cm
90 Scotsman Polysteganus praeorbitalis 86 cm
91 Shad (Elf, Tailor, Bluefish) Pomatomus saltatrix 92 cm
92 Shark Blacktip Carcharhinus limbatus 220 cm
93 Shark Bronze Whaler (Copper) Carcharhinus brachyurus 250 cm
94 Shark Bull (Zambezi) Carcharhinus leucas 285 cm
95 Shark Dusky (Grey) Carcharhinus obscurus 290 cm
96 Shark Hammerhead Greater Sphyrna mokarran 505 cm
97 Shark Hammerhead Scalloped Sphyrna lewini 220 cm
98 Shark Hammerhead Smooth Sphyrna zygaena 176 cm
99 Shark Lemon Negaprion acutidens 220 cm
100 Shark Mako Shortfin Isurus oxyrinchus 400 cm
101 Shark Ragget Tooth (Sand Tiger) Carcharias taurus 248 cm
102 Shark Sandbar Carcharhinus plumbeus 240 cm
103 Shark Sevengill (Cow) Notorynchus cepedianus 200 cm
104 Shark Smooth Hound Mustelus mustelus 178 cm
105 Shark Spinner Carcharhinus brevipinna 225 cm
106 Shark Spotted Gully Triakis megalopterus 186 cm
107 Shark Tiger Galeocerdo cuvier 360 cm
108 Skate / Ray Black Himantura draco 242 cm
109 Skate / Ray Blue Dasyatis chrysonota 84 cm
110 Skate / Ray Brown Himantura gerrardi 106 cm
111 Skate / Ray Butterfly (Diamond) Gymnura natalensis 224 cm
112 Skate / Ray Duckbill Pteromylaeus bovinus 200 cm
113 Skate / Ray Eagle Common Myliobatus aquila 180 cm
114 Skate / Ray Eagle Spotted Aetobatus narinari 250 cm
115 Skate / Ray Honeycomb Himantura uarnak 172 cm
116 Skate / Ray Ribbontail Round Taeniura melanospilos 186 cm
117 Skate / Ray Spearnose Rostroraja alba 235 cm
118 Skate / Ray Thorntail Dasyatis thetidis 214 cm
119 Slinger Chrysoblephus puniceus 55 cm
120 Snapper AU Pagrus auratus 128 cm
121 Snapper Cubera Lutjanus cyanopterus 160 cm
122 Snapper River (Mangrove Jack) Lutjanus argentimaculatus 105 cm
123 Snapper Speckled Lutjanus rivulatus 80 cm
124 Snoek Barracouta (Cape) Thyrsites atun 180 cm
125 Spadefish African Tripterodon orbis 75 cm
126 Spearfish Shortbill Tetrapturus angustirostris 200 cm
127 Springer Elops machnata 118 cm
128 Steenbras White (Pignose Grunter) Lithognathus lithognathus 100 cm
129 Steenbrass Red Petrus rupestris 155 cm
130 Steenbrass Westcoast Lithognathus aureti 98 cm
131 Stumpnose Cape Rhabdosargus holubi 44 cm
132 Stumpnose Natal Rhabdosargus sarba 68 cm
133 Stumpnose Red Chrysoblephus gibbiceps 75 cm
134 Swordfish Xiphias gladius 450 cm
135 Tarpon Megalops atlanticus 275 cm
136 Tarpon Oxide Megalops cyprinoides 150 cm
137 Threadfin Giant African Polydactylus quadrifilis 185 cm
138 Threadfin King Polydactylus macrochir 80 cm
139 Threadfin Striped Polydactylus plebeius 45 cm
140 Tripletail / Lobotes Lobotes surinamensis 100 cm
141 Tuna Bigeye Thunnus obesus 220 cm
142 Tuna Bluefin Thunnus thynnus 440 cm
143 Tuna Eastern Little Euthynnus affinis 96 cm
144 Tuna Frigate Auxis thazard 65 cm
145 Tuna Longfin (Albacore) Thunnus alalunga 135 cm
146 Tuna Skipjack Katsuwonus pelamis 108 cm
147 Tuna Yellowfin Thunnus albacares 270 cm
148 Wahoo Acanthocybium solandri 240 cm
149 Whiting King George Sillaginodes punctatus 72 cm
150 Whiting Northern (Silver) Sillago sihama 34 cm
151 Whiting Sand Sillago ciliata 52 cm
152 Yellowtail Giant (Kingfish AU) Seriola lalandi 195 cm
153 Yellowtail longfin - Tropical Seriola rivoliana 165 cm



Note that you can request species to be added, but keep in mind that some species are left out for specific reasons like, endangered, over fished or other reason.

The specified "Target Length"'s are based on some of the biggest in each species recorded from data available internationally, and will not change.


Records will start reflecting as catches comes in, and are specific to the ASFN FISH247 Series.

To calculate your point, devide your measurement with the specified "Target Length" of the species, this will give you percentage point.