• Join to Fish ASFN FISH247 Series

  • Prize pool starts at R 100k p/a and will grow based on participants

  • Monthly and Yearly Prizes
  • Full Access to ASFN FISH247

  • ASFN FISH247 Measure Matt / Tape

  • Be in line to qualify and become an ASFN Ambassador
  • 20% Discount on ASFN Academy, Clothing, Products & Charters
  • Exclusive Monthly News, Material & Information

  • Achievement Rewards / Badges for Species & Records
  • VIP at annual ASFN Events
  • Qualify for "Fish with ASFN" draws

  • Enter as many catches as you want (only biggest of each species will count)

  • Part of ASFN FISHcom Conservation Initiatives

An % of all monthly fees goes to ASFN FISHcom Conservation 


ASFN FISH247 is the no nonsense, no politics 24/7 fishing series you can fish in your own time and win prizes, earn achievement awards and just have fun.
Out of this pool of angler we will also identify future ASFN Ambassadors.
Additional benefits, discounts and opportunities forms part of ASFN FISH247.
Joining Fee R 340.00 and Monthly R 245.00

ASFN FISH247 Information & Structure

How does it work?

1. Join ASFN FISH247 and receive the official "measure band" as well as Species list and Series manual.
2. Start fishing and measure your catch with supplied "measure band", take 2 different photos and 1 video clearly displaying the fish on the matt/tape: 
      - 1st Photo - complete length of fish on matt/tape (45 degree angle from above
      - 2nd Photo - complete length of fish with you sitting with it (landscape)
      - Video - starting at the nose video and move all the way down the length to the tail at a 45 degree angle from above
3. Take a witness's details which need to be supplied with your catch.
4. Capture your catch on the ASFN website with all details required, photo & video (
5. Catch will be verified and become official.
 - Biggest percentage point every month wins (any species on list)!!
 - Only your longest of each species will count.
 - Your 10 highest percentage points will be combined and count for the annual grand prize.
Standings, catches and winners will be published on the ASFN website and winners will also be announced on the ASFN Fishing YouTube channel.

What is the "Percentage Point"?

In the "Species List" you will receive, there are a "Target Length" next to each species. Your measurement divided by this "Target Length" supplied gives you the "Percentage Point"
Example: "Target Length" = 100cm, Your catch = 80cm so your "Percentage Point" = 80
Your measurement was 125cm on a 100cm "Target Length" your point will be 125 an son forth... 


What methods may I use?

Shore based casting & sliding, droning, kites, bait boats, paddle ski, jet ski, small crafts, boats.

What is the "Species List?"

This is the list of over a 100 species, you will receive that will count toward your points.
Several International species are already on the list and several might be added over time.
ASFN may add to this list from time to time, but species will only be removed if they become protected species and may not be targeted.
Note: Some species are excluded because targeting them is prohibited.

Catch Submission

To submit your catches works as follows:
1. 1st Photo at 45 degrees of the whole fish right next to the supplied measure band clearly visible.
2. 2nd Photo a landscape with whole fish, measure band, and you in the photo.
3.Video of fish & measure band, filming from the head all the way to the tail and measurement band clearly visible.
4. You have to have a witness, and their details need to be entered with your submission for verification.


Monthly Best Catch - Starting at R 5000
Every month the highest percentage point wins a minimum of R 5000

Annual Top Angler Starting at R 40 000
Over the year, your 10 best species percentage points will added together and the best angler will win a minimum of R 40 000

Master Angler
Every year the master angler will be the angler with the most total points combining all the species they caught - prize will be confirmed.

Achievement Awards & Recognition
Badges will be awarded when reaching 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90 species, and exclusive jackets with shirts at 50 & 100 species.
Certificates will be awarded for records and special achievements.

All Achievements, Rankings, Winners & Awards will be published on the ASFN Social Media Platforms, YouTube Channel & Website.

Ambassador Selection

When joining, please indicate if this is a interest by mailing
- Credit will be given for releasing fish.
- Your accumulated points and species will assist most in the qualifying process.
- You may at anytime send us videos of bait demos, fishing videos, news or general tips & tricks that may assist the process, send to:
- Once qualified (criteria will be supplied) you will be required to complete a questionnaire, followed by a online induction. Thereafter we will contact you to setup a meeting.
NOTE: ASFN Ambassadors are not just selected on fishing ability, but also character, ethics, model angler as a example to others, willingness to share information and see the sport grow, to name a few.