Master the Sport of Fishing

Fishing is one of; if not the most participated outdoor sports activity in the world, allowing men, women and children from all age groups to participate in the more than 40 different sub-facets of angling.
The life-long pursuit of experience, knowledge and refining the art of getting the desired results and constant quest of bettering your catches, lures millions of individuals back to the water with every opportunity they might find.  The constant challenge of reasoning out and understanding the ever changing character of nature keeps us on our toes to explore, learn and experiment in order to build the array of knowledge that ultimately will find us the reward we do not yet know we are chasing...

Gathering the experience and knowledge to become a practical angler with good results, takes an enormous amount of time next to the water, time not everyone can find in todays age. ASFN Fishing launched the ASFN Academy to fast tract the essential foundation needed to assist yourself in getting the result and start enjoying your fishing excursions more.
Most anglers will agree that finding practical hands on knowledge to fast track your learning experience, or even just have a good start in the right direction can be as scarce as that record breaking prise catches we chase.
NOW ASFN made it possible for all to access a compact and essential knowledge packed academy in the respective and popular facets, compiled from years and years of practical result driven experience. From 2004, the founder of ESA / ASFN Fishing, Andre Henn,  started the general sharing of fishing knowledge and information and hosted more than 40 experienced and diverse anglers to share their knowledge on national television and YouTube. This knowledge and experience now compacted into practical sports fishing courses forms the heart of the ASFN Academy and available in 1 & 4 day academies.

"The Sport of Fishing is and should be for everyone to enjoy!" - Andre Henn

Practical Academies

SHORE FISHER - Sports Fishing Academy

Available nationally in South Africa
1 Day Academy         R 2 295.00 pp
4 Day Master Class    R 5 995.00 pp
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DRONE FISHER - Sports Fishing Academy

Available nationally in South Africa
1 Day Academy       R 2 595.00 pp
4 Day Master Class  R 7 290.00 pp
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OFF SHORE FISHER - Sports Fishing Academy

Off Shore Sport Fisher Academies available in KZN only
1 Day Academy        R 2 995.00 pp
4 Day Master Class   R 9 780.00 pp
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Online Academies - Available from March 2021